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Subject: CHIN20027 Chinese 7

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Mel said : Jul 10, 2017 at 4:29 PM

PLEASE DO NOT TAKE THIS SUBJECT IF YOU'RE ALREADY WELL VERSED IN CHINESE (it'll only pull your grades down) I've previously done Chinese 5 and Chinese 6 (which were very very well coordinated). But unfortunately they've decided that the previous textbook was too hard for us so they've changed to a simpler textbook (in other words, the previous Chin 5 and Chin 6-ers did not learn anything new, which I think was very unfair). There was a 10% homework mark which I guess was based on class participation (unsure as this wasn't clarified). A 10% mid term essay mark, which the essay topic was randomly given in class (and not according to the schedule that was set earlier) "SURPRISE, SURPRISE" 15% end of term oral assessment which again topics weren't given until the very last minute. 15% mid term exam which was okay if you attended all tutorials and a 50% final exam. Also having to have a class with a mixture of native speakers and non-chinese speaking students really messed up the subject. The amount of effort to put in really isn't worth it if you've already know everything that they're teaching. P/s: don't do this subject if you're not prepared for messy coordinators and selfish peers.

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