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Subject: CRIM20006 Punishment and Social Control

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Molly said : Feb 22, 2021 at 2:17 PM

This is a great subject. It was my first criminology subject (I am a history student) which I was worried about, but it's very friendly for beginners. The lectures covered very interesting topics such as the experiences of different social groups (e.g. Indigenous people, women) in prison and also interesting theoretical perspectives. The tutorials were sometimes dry, but that was mainly because many didn't participate over Zoom, my tutor was actually very hard-working and helpful. Guest lectures were super insightful to what life inside prison is like. The first assessment was interesting and it asked you to reflect on your assumptions about the justice system. However, I worked really hard and went to all the pass sessions but still only got a H2B -- they were super picky with criteria. This was annoying but my tutor helped with feedback and I managed to get an 87 (H1) on the final essay, so there is an opportunity to get an H1 overall if you put the effort it. A great subject overall :)

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