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Subject: CWRI30006 Poetry and Poetics

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Sarah said : Jul 23, 2017 at 8:05 PM

If you're looking to do poetry for a breadth, definitely pick the third year subject Poetry and Poetics. A lot of the information we looked at in the third year subject, we also approached in the second year subject. Poetry and Poetics wins out over the second year subject as the assignment was much clearer (even though it's worth almost your entire grade). Be sure to have ideas already in your mind and a place that you can connect them to as inspiration for this subject, otherwise creating a topic can be really difficult. Forced creativity isn't the best. A flaw in most creative writing subjects is that there is not enough feedback during the drafting stages from tutors to be able to get amazing grades. The best thing to do is keep writing and know that that doesn't change your worth.

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