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Subject: ENGL20022 Modernism and Avant Garde

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Sarah said : Jul 23, 2017 at 8:27 PM

There are still things I apparently learnt in this subject that I don't remember learning at all and could not give you a definition for. This was one of the more difficult second year English subjects I took. The lecture material wasn't very engaging and there was often too much information to process. This is one of the subjects where receiving valid and useful feedback for my essays just did not happen. I feel like most of my experiences with this subject have passed in a smog-ridden modernist blur which is probably how T.S. Eliot would have described it in a poem without leaving any explanation as to what was really happen (or providing too much explanation so that common folk can understand what is happening). However, despite all this, this subject has some really awesome texts that offer ideas on identity that are really useful. But being well-read before you enter the class is highly recommended!

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