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Subject: EVSC30002 Problem Solving in Environmental Science

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Vanja said : Sep 20, 2018 at 8:31 PM

Fairly dry lectures but easy enough to pass/do well in, depending on your attitude. There are a handful of pracs but you can get away with not attending (apart from the two where you have to do an oral presentation). Coordinators/lecturers are nice but don't expected to be riveted because it's all basically legislation and statistics and case studies. You have to do a big literature review assignment, which is nice and flexible because you can basically work it do be on any environmental science-related topic you are interested in. Only take this subject if you are an environmental science major (it's compulsory), otherwise you can probably do better.

Mahin Rahman said : Oct 28, 2020 at 7:44 AM

Five star because it's easy to get a good mark if you put in the work. Assessments are fairly simple, such as a literature review and oral presentation. The guest lecturers are intriguing and you get a good sense of the work being done in Environments. It's a compulsory if you are doing an environments major so keep that in mind.

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