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Subject: FNCE30001 Investments

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Anonymous said : May 08, 2017 at 3:39 PM

This subject built on Finance 1 and Business Finance but the content matter did not delve as deeply into the subject matter as I wanted it to. Overall quite a dry subject lacking real-world examples. Lectures were quite interesting when there was new content. Tutorials were quite dry and non-participatory, basically furious note taking sessions. This was the worst part of the subject as it was not very intellectually stimulating. However, I liked the weekly tutorial questions as they pushed me to stay up-to-date with the lectures and content. Overall, it is not a hard subject to study for, yet the exam was quite difficult in that there were many financial mathematics questions that were not heavily emphasised or shown in lecture slides throughout the semester so I would have preferred questions that actually tested us on a wider understanding of the subject.

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