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Subject: FNCE30009 Ethics in Finance

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Jono said : Aug 02, 2017 at 5:08 PM

Semester taken: 2017, Summer A level 3 commerce elective taken over summer that takes place entirely online except for the exam. Assessment takes the form of 6 weekly tasks, 3 of which are submitted and graded. Teaching Teaching takes place mostly through online lecture videos, so is mostly self-guided. There are two video consultations, which can be helpful for asking questions. Overall, videos and slides, combined with the online tutor, are quite adequate for completing the assessment tasks, and preparing for the exam. However, be prepared to guide your own learning, as there are no classes to attend. Content Content focused on the regulatory elements of the world of finance, such as how conflicts of interest arise and are regulated, how financial institutions are regulated, and what are the various ethical challenges that market participants may encounter. I found it refreshing to learn about commerce through a different perspective, rather than the usual equations, pricing theories, etc. Knowledge was also fairly grounded and practical. Overall, is a great subject for someone interested in legislative, regulatory aspects of finance. Difficulty The scope of content is limited (6 weeks worth of content covered in 6 weeks), making it easy to cover the content in time for the exam. Assessment is not very intensive, as only 3 of 6 weekly tasks are submitted for grading. You also get to choose which tasks you submit, which allows you to submit tasks on the topics you feel best about. Given that the material is fairly straightforward (nothing too counter-intuitive), and is proportional to the length of the subject, you can cover it quite comfortably in time for the exam (especially since during summer, you probably won't have other subjects to study for and can spend more time on it). Summary A good subject for those interested in how finance is regulated in practice, and also provides material for those interested in pursuing CFA. Also doesn't happen during semester as an added bonus, so can be studied without coming to uni, and you can do well if you study as much as you normally do during semester (got a high H1).

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