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Subject: HIST30015 The Modern Middle East

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Isa said : Jul 03, 2017 at 10:29 PM

A brilliantly comprehensive rundown of the history of the Middle East through the 20th century that helps explain and put into context a lot of current events in the region, the subject is slightly marred by unconventional assessments and sometimes unfocused lectures. Richard Pennell is incredibly knowledgeable on the topic and an, in my opinion, brilliant lecturer who has traveled and taught all over the Middle East, possessing an intimate knowledge of the locations and cultures that he conveys well in the subject material, but he's also slightly eccentric in a way that some may dislike. Overall I highly recommend any subject taught by Pennell, but this is one I found particularly enlightening. If you want to understand the modern Middle East, and are willing to concentrate in lectures, you should definitely take up this subject.

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