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Subject: INFO30004 Usability Engineering

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Lauren said : Jul 18, 2017 at 10:41 AM

The lectures for this are a bit boring at times but they do try to keep it interesting, just a lot of it feels like common sense or not that important as you're going through it (for example, there was a whole lecture on brainstorming) but the assignments are cool and make up for this. You basically make a prototype for an app and then get other students to test it in a lab. You get to use eye tracking equipment which is pretty cool. Then the exam is quite different in that you have to memorise a bunch of stuff and then write essay style responses (well not really but they didn't want us to use dot points). It seemed scary when they went through the example exam questions in a lecture but it was not actually that bad, especially if you had been attending the lectures. Just make sure you do some extended reading/know who said what, and if they give you any practice revision questions throughout the semester- do them! They gave us some with the lecture summaries and one or two turned up on the exam paper.

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