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Subject: JAPN20007 Japanese 3

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Ri said : Oct 26, 2020 at 1:13 PM

So this subject isn't great. When I took it (2019) it was basically a self-study subject. You have to learn everything at home before tutorials in a "reversed classroom" style. The idea is that you will still be learning from the Genki II textbook but the exam and assessments really have nothing to do with the textbook at all. And whilst I found the assessments pretty fun and easy, I learnt about zero Japanese because I could simply look everything up online and translate it over to Japanese. If you're a very self-motivated student who doesn't mind studying the whole thing at home on your own then you'll probably find it fine. Otherwise, good luck! Also, the tutorials for this subject are 60% in Japanese. Just a heads up :)

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