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Subject: MGMT30015 Managing Work and Your Career

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Anonymous said : May 08, 2017 at 3:37 PM

It is almost like a 12 week course on helping you figure out your career path. I feel that it gives you a better, alternative view of your potential future career path that you can't really have with the short career consultations that are provided in the university. There's a lot of reading in this subject, but if you can grasp the material well, this subject would be a breeze.

Jono said : Aug 02, 2017 at 4:47 PM

Semester taken: 2016, S2 A level 3 management subject. Can be used to satisfy criteria for management major, but is often taken as breadth/elective by other faculties and majors. Teaching Stephanie was a good lecturer, and very engaging. Classes were small, which allowed her to interact with and give attention to individual students. Genuinely concerned about students' wellbeing and academic success. Relevance The subject looks at how organizations and employees view and manage careers, and covers lots of information relevant for students planning their own career. While I couldn't help feeling that it was slightly aimed towards careers in management (or commerce in general), a lot of content was still adaptable to those with other careers in mind (e.g. Med, engineering, arts). Topics include things like how careers are structured, how organizations and people plan/manage careers, recruitment, people adapting to the workplace. Bear in mind that it is a bit theoretical, but still provides insights into your own career if you put throught into the subject. Difficulty Assessments are quite heavy on academic research, and content is quite theory focused. Content is not hard to understand, but you must put in the time to study the content. Tutorial attendance is also essential, as you do many self assessments in class which you are expected to know about and possible write about in assignments. A common mistake is for students to mistake the subject for one of those easy H1 subjects people do (like music psych and glee singing) and treat it as such. This commonly leads to them doing poorly because they underestimate its difficulty. However, if you take the subject seriously (it's not level 3 for no reason) and put in the effort, it can be very rewarding and a good grade is very achievable. It just doesn't come for no effort. Other info Interesting and engaging subject with a lecturer genuinely committed to students doing well. Put in effort and keep up with weekly content, and you'll have a rewarding subject that's not too difficult.

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