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Subject: MUSI20149 Music Psychology

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Meg said : Aug 20, 2017 at 7:05 PM

I quite enjoyed this subject - it complimented well with my major in Neuroscience. I was quite surprised at how science-y this subject was especially since it is under the Music department. The lectures are split into three blocks: music and the brain/emotions; lifespan series (music and how that affects the young; music and helping the elderly with dementia etc) and music making series (performance anxiety etc). Make sure to do well in the weekly quiz because it's worth 40% of your overall grade - most of them were quite straight forward and you'll have your notes in front of you anyway; they are definitely your easy marks in this subject so don't lose them! The final essay was alright - I had never written an essay at uni before taking this subject and I was fine so I'm sure wherever you're at, you'll be fine too!

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