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Subject: NEUR30003 Principles of Neuroscience

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Liz said : Jul 12, 2017 at 12:51 PM

This was great subject and Peter Kitchener is a fantastic lecturer. He is very knowledgable and passionate about neuroscience and the subject was organised very well. There was a lot of overlap between Principles of Neuroscience and Neurophysiology with many students taking them concurrently. The assessment was hard but fair and it was well separated into different topics.

Claire said : Jul 23, 2017 at 10:07 PM

The content of neuroscience is very interesting, and although there is a fair bit to remember it is not rediculous. I found the lectures were not always well taught, as the lecture slides didn't normally have much writing/detail but there is a lot of support if you need it. The assessments are fair and if you put in the effort you can definitely do well in this subject.

Meg said : Aug 12, 2017 at 12:04 AM

Loved it - especially the second half of the semester. The first half of the subject focuses a lot on actual body movements/functions (e.g. the visual system and how that connects to the brain; the auditory system; the olfactory/gustatory systems; sensation and movement) and the second half focuses on more abstract ideas about pain, fear and anxiety, the concepts of time/place/space, neuroplasticity and what consciousness is, among other topics. I really loved Peter Kitchener - he is the subject coordinator and takes the bulk of lecturing, but you do get a few lecturers from the Anat/Neuro and Physiology Departments. Peter releases a weekly quiz for your own revision, and also compiles a set of revision tests which he goes through in class so you can see what sort of level the MST and the exam will be set at - and they weren't too difficult either, in hindsight, if you know the content well. I initialIy wasn't too sure about what to think of this subject - the first two weeks were a bit dry - but it definitely got better and this was my favourite subject I did in Semester 1. I would recommend taking this subject alongside Neurophysiology - there was quite a bit of overlap especially at the start, and it helped me understand concepts better when one or the other explained it better. Good luck!

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