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Subject: POLS30034 Political Psychology

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Caley said : Jun 30, 2017 at 10:45 AM

A really interesting subject, and an interesting lecturer/course coordinator in Aaron Martin. This intensive only lasts for four days, which is insanely short, but which means that they can feel like long days with a lot crammed in; wear comfy clothes and bring water. Aaron is really good at building a cohort experience (and yes, this extends beyond the usual cringey icebreaker exercise at the beginning). In 2017 it was held in the Arts West building in a great theatre ideal for seminars, with class participation (the good kind) and the lecturer engaging with the class rather than remaining detached and distant. The concepts and topics covered were really interesting and modern; we talked a fair bit about Trump, as that was the issue on all political commentators' minds at the time, and it really made me think about what the next leap in political theory might look like, which is exciting. You don't need a super strong background in psychology, but an understanding of politics definitely helps. The readings are fantastic however, and this is a subject in which doing the readings before class really matters. Definitely recommend this intensive!

Marcus said : Jul 13, 2017 at 4:14 PM

A very well taught subject, and the most class participation that I've ever experienced at Uni. In four days you can get a subject out of the way, but I'd recommend getting in contact with the tutor to check that you're on track with your assessment. Its also important to make sure you set aside time to do the assignments, because as with most intensive subjects, you'll end up having to write some important assignments while the rest of your friends are not in Swotvac/exam mode.

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