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Subject: POPH20001 Genetics, Health, and Society

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V said : Jul 18, 2020 at 3:36 PM

GHS is probably one of the best subjects I've done. It's composed of 6 modules that concern itself with mainly the ethics and the law behind healthcare-related topics. If you're from a science background (particularly if wanting to go into health), then this subject is a perfect addition that explores issues not usually covered in these courses. There are many guest lecturers which provide insight that you usually don't get. If you're non-sci, the subject is still really great but you might have to put in a little more effort in the first module which is mostly to do with the science of genetics etc. The quizzes are really easy to score well in and possibly full mark if you keep up to date and they mark pretty leniently on the group assignments (most groups scored over 90%). The hardest part of the subject is really the SAQ section of the final exam where you would need to go a bit more in depth with the content to get the last mark or 2. Either way, this subject should be an easy H1 if you engage with the content, which is very interesting, and very possible to get over 90 if you put the same amount of effort in as your other subjects

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