Creative Arts Collective


The CREATIVE ARTS COLLECTIVE provides a weekly meeting place for student artists, art appreciators and kind-of-want-to-try-art-casually-but-didn’t-know-where-to-go-ers to hang out, share tales of creative woe and triumph, find potential collaborators and embark on projects, and above all, get to know each other in a relaxed environment. What the collective does will be determined by the people who come. It might simply be a social event, or perhaps the collective will make some group art works throughout 2018.

The CREATIVE ARTS COLLECTIVE will gather every Thursday between 1-3pm in the Arts Lab (Level 3, Union House), and everyone interested is welcome to drop-in for as long or short a time as they want, to work on their project quietly in the corner or join in the buzz of conversations ranging from the mundane to the meme to the magical.

The CREATIVE ARTS COLLECTIVE is a non-binding agreement to listen and be heard, a place to find and respond to others’ art, to sometimes test your work, or begin to brainstorm.

This space will be facilitated by the Creative Arts Officers and Committee  – who will assist you during the awkward introductions stage, provide provocations for the week if we’re all stuck on what to do, and above all, create a space that is welcoming to all regardless of skill level, disciplines and interests.

The CREATIVE ARTS COLLECTIVE is here. We look forward to meeting you!