Creative Writing

Not for the faint-hearted. You will have to fight your way through a quagmire of conflicting theories, instructions, and arguments about the Oxford comma. Every writer who comes in as a guest lecturer will give you a different version of the definitive rules of writing. You’ll want to travel back in time and punch Nabokov in the face. I’ll be honest with you: first year is pretty frustrating. But when you hit second and third year, there are some fantastic subjects, and the faculty staff are always passing on writing opportunities to their students. The best scorers in Creative Writing actually read the assessment criteria and always listen to the feedback of tutors. If you’re convinced you’re already the next big thing, and refuse to change your style, you’re not going to do well, and your tutor’s going to hate you. Some good people to buddy up with include Kevin Brophy (wise and bearded poetry guru), and Paul Mitchell (runs his Creative Non-Fiction and Poetry classes with a perfect combination of sarcasm and coffee). Pro tip: Script for Performance is more insane meta-theatrical theory than writing plays.