depraved heart

Depraved heart

by Patricia Cornwell 810 COR

Shortly after borrowing this, I came to the stark realisation that Cornwell’s Scarpetta novels are my kind of ‘daytime soap addiction’. My intelligent mind is acutely aware that no one woman, or her immediate family members could ever possibly come so close to death and/or deal with psychotic villains, THAT MANY times on a regular basis, yet still function productively and appropriately in high level professional and emotional capacities – but I just can’t get enough!

Anyways, apart from the first page typo (really guys?) that took me about 10 minutes to get over, this new instalment in the Scarpetta story had me hooked and a little bit paranoid in no time. With themes of private and government surveillance and the possible, potentially catastrophic consequences of living within the digital era, this ‘episode’ played to all of Cornwell’s usual crime scene investigation strengths (although, not a whole bunch of that happens this time around) and then added some relevant current themes to keep us entertained. Finally, parts of the story have been left open for the next book, which unfortunately for me, won’t be ‘airing’ as soon as tomorrow afternoon. Until then, I will be wondering if there is maybe a psychopath hiding under my house.