Design Your Student Bar Competition

Opens Sunday 25th October
Closes Sunday 29th November

Calling all budding designers/interior decorators/arty friends! UMSU is seeking student design ideas to give the student bar formerly known as HJC a much-needed revamp. No experience necessary- we just want to see what students can do!

The best design/s will actually become a reality, and be implemented over December and January in time for the opening of the new student bar opening Feb 2016.

Total prize pool: $1000 split between 1st place, 2nd place and 3rd place, and the honour of having your ideas improving the student bar (and the right to claim you helped design your student bar to your friends and potential employers).

The interior

The interior

The balcony

The balcony

The bar

The bar


In order to make sure this can happen by then (and without triggering building permits), the scope of the design improvements to be made are superficial only.

The design elements you can address include*:
-Walls and painting
-Wall hangings
-Non-permanent floor coverings (eg mats)
-Window fixtures (blinds, curtains, colour)
-Improvements to the outdoor area
– The number of pool tables to retain and where they ought to go
-The inclusion of a drop down projector screen
-Space for signage
-Other aesthetic surface level elements you can think of!

*please note you do not have to refer to or include all of these elements

There are some changes which cannot be included in your submission:
-Structural changes or anything that might trigger a building permit (including knocking down walls, relocating the bar, building new permanent walls)
-Appliances or bar tools, however if you have suggestions for aesthetic improvements in that space you can include them.


There is no theme or name for the bar at this stage, however we are looking for a few elements:
-Design elements that make the most of the bar’s unique location
-A good space for events
-An inviting atmosphere


The UMSU Bar Steering Committee will be adjudicating the responses and awarding prizes based on:
-Aesthetic appeal
-Originality of ideas

Bear in mind that we will be limited by budget when deciding what design elements to adopt in the final project, but please don’t feel restricted by this. The Steering Committee reserves the right to incorporate design elements from multiple entries.

How to enter

Please include the following in your entry:
1. A brief statement outlining your concept for the bar
2. A visual representation of your design for the space
3. Explanatory note for each element of design (i.e. this wall is to be painted purple with white writing extolling the virtues of UMSU)
4. A bar layout

Send your entries to and, or drop them at the UMSU Info Desk (if too large), by Sunday 29th of November.