Do you feel special?

12-22 AUGUST 2014


Alice O’Connor


Alice is the 2013 recipient of the George Paton Gallery/Proud Award

Sometimes the rules change subtly so that no one really notices, but the changes are there, and before you know it there’s a whole new system in place.

For her first solo exhibition, Alice O’Connor presents an installation that responds to the surveillance culture and calculated affectivity that underpin the aesthetics of contemporary casino environs. Constituted of lustrous surfaces, hollow spaces and reflections, Do you feel special? invites the viewer to consider ways in which the constructed environment can subtly influence our behaviour and steer decision-making processes. Discreet surveillance fittings appear as décor, shiny and enticing, whilst trance-inducing muzac piped into the space simultaneously repels and placates, luring the unconscious into a hypnotic fantasy space.

Subtle influence, evocations of fantasy and surface-level experience are fundaments of the consumer psychology that has become increasingly pervasive, a soporific overlay on a society obsessed with systems of control and the regulation of space. O’Connor’s work re-situates these phenomena in a space of contemplation, affording the viewer a reflection on regulatory modes of power that often remain discreet.

O’Connor is a final year student in the BFA (Painting) program at the VCA, and a recipient of the 2013 Proud/George Paton Gallery

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IMAGE: Alice O Connor, Crown Chandelier, digital image, 2014