Drawn Drawn

7-17 October 2014

Closing night, Thursday 16 October, 5-7pm

Drawing & Printmedia VCA

Roseanne Chalker McGann, Libby Clarke, Charlotte Hill, Kevin Jones, Sorcha McKenzie, Jessica Milne, Sam Murnane, Alexandra Nemaric, Courtney Price, Lois Waters and Sean Whittaker

Coordinated by Raafat Ishak

In Drawn Drawn, students from the department of Drawing and Printmedia at the VCA respond to the question: what can a drawing be?

Given the diversity of materials and multi-disciplinary approach to art making today, such a question addresses the role of drawing-as-medium in articulating the contemporary condition.

Specifically for this exhibition, students have been asked to consider the role of drawing in the wider context of studio production as well as its status as a preliminary and preparatory tool for exploring a range of ideas and their material articulation. Further to this, the students were asked to negotiate the conventional status of drawing as secondary cultural material and address its culpability in appeasing hierarchical market evaluations of cultural production.

The core aim of this exhibition is to demonstrate the ambiguous objective status of a work of art by presenting a range of material speculations that begin with the simple gesture of drawing.

IMAGE: Drawing and Print Media studio, Jess. Digital photo, 2014