Dusty Chair

29 April – 9 May

Closing Night, Thursday 8 May, 5-7pm

Featuring Akira Akira, Carrie McGrath, Rare Candy, Meredith Turnbull, Charlie Sofo, Cherie Peele, Emil Toonen, Emma Collard, Sarah crowEST, Brennan Olver, Kate Meakin, Paradise Structures, Kendal McQuire, Matthew Benjamin, Natalie Turnbull, Dan Bell, Nicole Breedon, Lou Hubbard, Thomas Payne, Zac St. Clair, Christopher L G Hill, Caitlin Searles, Nick Selenitsch, D&K and Greatest Hits. With catalogue text by Anna Crews and Madé Spencer-Castle.

Curated by Brennan Olver and Alana R Kingston

Dusty Chair features the work of 24 Australian artists and artist groups whose work disrupts or alludes to functionality, but where functionality is not the ultimate objective. A constellation of non-functional/semi-functional/new-functional/un-functional works where perceptions of use are skewed and nothing quite works how it should. A basketball hoop that won’t return your basketball, a dress that you can make a game out of, drink bottles that you probably shouldn’t drink out of anymore…

See the installetion photos here.