Education should never be a Debt Sentence – 19 June 2020

Hannah Buchan
UMSU President


Overnight, the government has announced massive hikes to the cost of future degrees. 

Future students hoping to study law and commerce degrees will face a 28% fee increase, while students studying humanities degrees will face a staggering 113% increase.

The justification for this fee increase is a carrot-and-stick approach to funnel students into industries it believes will have the most job growth. This is a ridiculous and unfair attack on students. While the costs of some ‘job-ready’ degrees will be lower, this move is at the expense of hundreds of thousands of young people who have chosen to study degrees that the government doesn’t deem worthy enough.

Students should never be forced to take massive amounts of debt in order to gain an education. This is going to disproportionately effect students at the University of Melbourne because of the Melbourne Model. Increasing student fees will not fix a funding crisis.

UMSU unequivocally believes in free education for all students. We will oppose this package every step of the way. We will be posting ways to get involved in this campaign in the coming days — follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to keep up to date.