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The Scarlet Sun

11/10/2023 - 14/10/2023 7:30pm - 10pm

Union Theatre, Level 2 Arts & Cultural Building (building 159), Parkville Campus

UMSU Union House Theatre

Brought to you by the SSAF

Something funny’s going on at The Scarlet Sun…

The year is 1974 and luxury hotel ‘The Scarlet Sun’ has fallen into turmoil due to the recent death of its owner, the mysterious, Jeremiah Scarlet. When the new owner, Adrien Scarlet takes the reigns of the hotel, the atmosphere grows tense. Sinister conspiracies begin to ferment and duplicitous patrons arrive to stay the night; until finally, everything culminates in a sudden and grizzly murder.

Someone at ‘The Scarlet Sun’ is a killer and it’s up to rival investigators Jasper Clarke and Alexandra Knight to discover who. It won’t be easy for them though… everyone’s a suspect and everyone wants a cut of ‘The Scarlet Sun’s’ fortune.

Four Letter Word Theatre is proud to present this original murder-mystery comedy-musical inspired by Knives Out, Clue and all things Agatha Christie. Prepare for a show filled with twists and turns written by Ethan Francis-D’Amour and Madeleine Cheale, with music by Ethan Francis-D’Amour and Alec Stalder.

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