Environmental Geographies

This major educates about contemporary Environmental issues. The major blends a variety of disciplines including physical geography, ‘green’ ethics and environmental psychology. There are a few field trips (usually) 2 per semester and about $20each). The core subjects are GEOG20001 Society and Environments, GEOG20003 Environmental Politics and Management and GEOG30019 Sustainable Development (capstone). The major is broad but enables flirting with both science and arts subjects; a luxury not afforded to students studying a Geography major in BArts or Environmental Science in BSci. This is a popular major in the Environments degree and perfectly encapsulates the (few) benefits of our Melbourne Model. The high degree of flexibility enables focussed students to hone in on one area of study, while also enabling other students to get a mix of many aspects of geography in the physical and social spheres. Also a great option if you’re less keen on spending hundreds on studios and weekends toiling over models in many of the other majors.