ENVS10005 Governing Environments

Recommended? Yes

Available as breadth? Yes

I found this to be a really excellent subject, well taught by Davo. It was really interesting to have a different view on the environment, rather than the same view that is seen over and over again in the other first year environments subjects. The only slightly annoying thing was the 9am lecture on Tuesday but they will probably try to change that to a better time next semester. I also really enjoyed the tutes with Joe, as he was really engaging, and despite them not being compulsory I found myself going to each one because they expanded on the topics that we covered in the lectures, and if I missed a lecture it didn’t matter greatly because it would be explained in the tutorial. A downside to the subject is that the lectures aren’t recorded, however the lecture slides are very helpful as are the tutorials, and Davo generally releases topic notes before the tests which can also help to clarify any unfamiliar concepts.