When a piece of legislation is announced that is seen as detrimental to students, students across the country protest simultaneously in a National Day of Action. These occur in every capital city, some regional cities and generally include a rally, the idea  being that students are much stronger if they act together.

This year, students may see the cost of their degree skyrocket to $100,000, under the Coalition Government’s plan to deregulate university fees, alongside a range of other, equally disastrous policies. Modelling has shown these plans to hit lower-income students and women hardest of all. Students will participate in National Days of Action throughout the year, to fight this legislation and campaign on accessible, quality, affordable education for all.

This legislation has been defeated twice in the Senate so far, but students and our allies need to ensure that deregulation and funding cuts are taken off the table permanently!

The first two National Days of Action for 2015 were on Wednesday 25th of March and Wednesday 20th of May, and each saw a cohort of Melbourne Uni students march from campus down to the State Library, where we met up with fellow students from around the state to protest these harmful reforms.

Join us in protest on Wednesday, 19 of August for our next National Day of Action against deregulation and funding cuts! We’ll hold a free BBQ from 12pm, before departing from South Lawn at 1:30pm, to march down to the State Library where we’ll join students from other campuses.

The Facebook event for the UMSU contingent to the NDA can be found here: