2020 UMSU Elections — It’s time to RETURN YOUR VOTES!

2020 has been a challenging year for students, and strong student representation at UniMelb is more important than ever before. As we are unable to vote on campus due to government regulations, this year will be a postal vote*. Every student at UniMelb is eligible to vote, no matter where they are in the world.
As applications for postal votes have now closed, it’s now time to 👉 RETURN YOUR VOTES! 👈
You will need to fill in and send back your postal vote as soon as you receive your postal vote in the mail. This is to ensure that we will get the vote back in time. We recognise that this will be difficult for some students and will be in touch with those who register with an overseas address**.
Applications for postal votes may only be made by the recipient themselves. Any evidence of multiple lodgement will be treated very seriously.
*Note that the UMSU Constitution does not allow for online elections.
**The UMSU Constitution specifies elections are to be held September 7–11.