U Week

Ever wanted to get more involved in student life at the University of Melbourne? Awesome, because we want you to get more involved too! Whether you’ve been at uni for 6 months or 6 years, are local or international, UMSU is for you.

That’s why we’re bringing you U Week.

Week 2 will be all about getting you more involved in UMSU (and eating some delicious treats along the way). It’s never too late to get involved*, and we want to make sure you know HOW, for the exciting semester ahead. Each day there will be different freebies (brought to your by your SSAF), and our friendly volunteers ready to chat to you under the UMSU marquee. Come visit the marquee and find out how to get involved in something this semester:

Marquee location: University Square 11-3
Free fairy floss

Marquee location: North Court 11-3
Free fairy floss alongside your weekly BBQ, Bands and Bevs

Marquee location: Concrete Lawn Farmers’ Market 11-3
Free popcorn

Marquee location: South Lawn 11-3
Free cupcakes, and free beer and cider in conjunction with the Science Student Society BBQ

Marquee location: University square 11-3
Free cupcakes

Friday night

U is for UMSU and UMSU is for you.
*NB: it WILL be too late to get involved once you’ve finished being a student – don’t look back and wish you had!


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