Event Description

Artist Filmmaking Workshop with Jimmy Nuttall

6/09/2022 - 4/10/2022 1pm - 3pm

ArtsLab, Level 1, Arts & Cultural Building

UMSU Gallery

Brought to you by the SSAF

3 sessions:
1-3pm Tuesday 6 September
1-3pm Tuesday 20 September
1-3pm Tuesday 4 October


This workshop focuses on collective filmmaking, using what is available in the economy of resources of our immediate environment. We will use second hand cameras, or ones on our phones, locations in our vicinity or new ones from our minds eyes.

In this filmic endeavour we look to manifesting moving images that present narratives from our imaginations and experiences. They can develop organically, methodically or incidentally. They can be forged in dialogue with our creative counterpart/s or independently. Or, images can be analytical, distilling and documenting a time and place that really exists. Performance is encouraged too, in scripted and directed actions or in the spontaneity of improvisation. 

The workshop will span across three sessions of which we will look at other artists’ films, discuss ideas of making a film, preparing, shooting, editing and concluding with a final session screening, à la Un Certain Regard, of our Workshop Artist Films. 


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