Event Description

Unplayable Games

23/10/2023 - 3/11/2023 midnight - midnight

George Paton Gallery

UMSU Gallery

Brought to you by the SSAF

Unplayable Games

Dates: 23 October – 3 November 2023

Celebration: Thursday 26 October 5-7pm

Bahji (Vi) Nguyen, Elmira Cheung (Ng), Grace Stevenson, Kianna Juma, Nina Prendergast, Michelle Yuan Fitzgerald, Sarah Kottek, Tahlia McCuskey, Jordan McKinnon, and Will Aggenbach

Welcome to our suite of Unplayable Games; a memorial to tabletop pastimes and their ashes. Scattered under couches and at the back of cupboards everywhere these games have been superseded by their e-selves. 10 Artists (re)imagine,(re)construct and/or (re)assemble their remnants. Enter an entertainment room on the spectrum of dystopia and mania...

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