AGM, Film and Food: Pride

As the government’s shameful and homophobic postal survey on equal marriage gets underway, we thought we’d screen Pride to remind ourselves of what’s possible with a strong LGBT movement rooted in the working class. This will be our Annual General Meeting where elections will be held for executive and general representative positions.

We’re going to Skype in Nicola Field, original Lesbians and Gays Support the Miners (LGSM) member (portrayed in the film) for discussion afterwards too! And of course, free Pizza! Be sure to bring friends and support the work that our club does year-round.

Pride tells the story of the unlikely alliance between the LGBT activists of LGSM and the mining community of Onllwyn, Wales, as they faced their common enemy, the conservative Thatcher Government and its police thugs. It’s an inspirational story of challenging LGBT oppression and contains many important lessons for our fights today.

For more information or directions, call Jason on 0456 624 661