The AGM is right around the corner!

14th of October, Wednesday.
5.30pm until 7pm latest

Zoom Link:
Password: 852212

That is Week 10, the week right after the Mid Sem Break!

So email us, drop us a message on Facebook, if you have any questions. More will be sent out soon! The whole committee will be voted on so if you’re feeling like running for President, VP, Secretary, Treasurer or Committee Member (x3) start working those gears.


About Us

For those still wondering, or those who just forgot, Students for Refugees is a club that aims to further enrich students with a deeper understanding of what’s happening with refugees in Melbourne and around the world. We aim to be the middle ground between you guys and opportunities to further our positive impact on refugees. We’re planning to run fundraisers, host guest speakers and promote networking/volunteer opportunities for those who are looking to get actively involved.

Like and Follow us on Facebook, we’ll update you guys regularly there with events and happenings.

See you guys real soon!

Students for Refugees Committee