Welcome to our casual online Advanced Circle

In lieu of a physical circle, we’ve decided to exploit the digital platform and create a virtual circle (link to join is https://chat.whatsapp.com/DYt2qNX79XpBxRUXMsIXv3) within which we will expose ourselves to the colourful world of classical Arabic Grammar.
Do not let the word “Advanced” scare you! We will be studying basic Arabic Grammar at a level which is accessible to all. If you have a basic understanding of conversational Arabic, this is the perfect opportunity for you to learn grammar which will both allow you to grow in fluency and competence in speech, and will codify your understanding and application of the language.

To achieve this, we will be studying a rudimentary and short but seminal text in the study of Arabic Grammar: Matn al-Ajurmuiyyah. This text covers the basics of Arabic grammar and although a classical 13 century text, has persisted through the ages as the standard beginners manual to Arabic Grammar.

The goal from studying this text is to develop a strong familiarity and appreciation for the fundamentals of Arabic Grammar and to provide us with sufficient knowledge to be able to continue studies on our own if we so desire.

Join the following WhatsApp group wherein we will provide the virtual recorded video sessions, explanations and engaging discussions with our Arabic Language expert (who is a non-native speaker himself!). See you all there 😊