Archicle AGM: Friday 20th August @6pm (AEST).
Hello Archicle community! Your opportunity to become a part of our committee has come! Join us at our annual general meeting in week 5 to nominate yourself, or a fellow mate, for a committee position. 😄
Positions available:
Vice President
Education Officer
Logistics Officer
Marketing Manager
3 General Committee members
Password: archicle
Archicle’s Constitution can be read here:…
Passionate about sustainability in the realm of architecture, want to make some friends have a more interesting university student life, a pretty title in your CV – whatever your reason, we hope to see you be a part of Archicle’s bright future! 😉
See you at our AGM! If you have any queries, please message us on one of our social media accounts. We would love to hear from you!