Introducing our first ever Rendering Workshop session, where you can learn all the necessary tools to show off that awesome design of yours! The best part – It’s free for everybody. Want to learn super valuable skills and hacks on how to make your designs and presentations stand out from the crowd? Learn the ever-elusive intricacies of V-Ray rendering techniques and post-production in Photoshop.

Leading the workshop is Djuro Djuranovic, an industry professional working at Archeteria Architects and a graduate from the University of Melbourne, helping him will be our own Vice President, Meher Nishchal Bahl, another industry professional and graduate from the University of Melbourne, as well.

Feel free to drop us a message on any of our socials listed below for any questions you may have. Looking forward to seeing you there!

PS: We are limited to 15 spots per workshop, so click that link soon!




-The Archicle team