On April 21st Easter Sunday a state of emergency had been declared in Sri Lanka. Six simultaneous bombings took place in 3 churches (St Anthony’s Shrine, Zion Church and St. Sebastian’s) and 3 hotels (Cinnamon Grande, Shang-Ri La, and Kingsbury). The bombings that took place at the churches were targeted towards people congregated for Easter Sunday. The hotel bombings have targeted tourists and foreigners on travel. The reported casualties are currently over 250 deaths, including 45 children and 500 injured.

The ASHS understands that a lot of money was and will be required by hospitals to provide care to the injured. In the interest of our aim to assure healthcare in South Asian countries and to show support to the victims, we are holding a bake sale fundraiser where we will be selling delicious cupcakes. The money raised will be sent to the hospitals (Colombo National Hospital and Negombo National Hospital) which took immediate action and provided care for the victims.

Join us with your friends and share a cupcake for a great cause.

Note: You can also contribute via our fundraiser on GoFundMe.