Visiting Buddhist teacher Tarchin Hearn will give a public talk on Buddhism. After the talk, you are invited to join us for a dinner subsidised by the UMSU.

Date/time: Thursday 12th March. 5:30pm (talk); 7:15pm (dinner)

Venue: Gryphon gallery (talk); Tsubu Bar (dinner)

Cost: Talk is free; Dinner is $12.50, and you can order any meal off the menu

Registration: If you want to join us for dinner, let us know on  facebook: Registering for the talk is optional.


About the talk:

Buddhadharma, literally, the ‘teaching of awakening’ – a way of natural awakening, is a treasure valued and transmitted by sages of all great spiritual traditions. Buddhist forms of Buddhadharma reveal an unbroken line of oral transmission that spans 2500 years. During this period countless beings of many life styles and backgrounds have refined, reinterpreted and shared these teachings to make them accessible to others who feel inspired towards contemplative inquiry and compassionate action in the context of their own life. In this session, Tarchin will reacquaint us with classical foundation teachings of the Buddhadharma drawing upon analogies and metaphors from recent studies of deep ecology, microbiology and science.