Come join Cainz at the MBS Welcome Lunch & Club Expo!


We were founded in 2011 around three key pillars of learning: Education, Network and Experience. Unlike other Commerce student clubs, CAINZ is not a club focused on a particular commerce major; rather, we believe that commerce does not exist in isolation. In this vein, we create events in collaboration with other disciplines, ideas and industry; this way, our student members can place their learning in context. This process is unique to CAINZ, and it is a model that keeps our events, workshops and research pathways unique, relevant and engaging. CAINZ is the club where students from all disciplines- whether it be law, art, science, or commerce- feel that they are eligible to join to learn more about finance, business and economics.

Join CAINZ at the Melbourne Business School Orientation Lunch on Monday 2oth July. Come up and say hello to one of our friendly team members who will be happy to inaugurate you into our growing organisation. We are looking for eager, high-achieving students who are curious about the business-world and all it’s intricacies, students who feel that they could contribute as a general member, researcher, writer, or as a part of our executive team!

If you are new to the Business School or simply interested in knowing what CAINZ is all about, we will be at the Ground Floor Foyer of the Spot Building (198 Berkeley St, Carlton) between 11:30am and 1pm.

6 month CAINZ Membership: $10


For more information, please visit our website at or our Facebook page at