Carnival Days: 20 & 27 July from 11:30am-2:30pm

Meet your student representatives and learn more about your UMSU departments!

It would be kind of weird if the student union wasn’t actually run by students, right? There are a bunch of student representatives who work around the clock to ensure the activities and opportunities available to you are as fun and relevant as possible. Basically every area of uni life (and life in general) is covered by one of these departments. Come along and chat with your student reps, learn more about UMSU’s departments or discover the perfect Club or Society for you to find your new uni pals!

Remember: We all have a responsibility to keep our campuses safe. Make sure to read UniMelb’s campus guidelines and complete an online health declaration before coming to campus – proof of completion may be required to enter UMSU events or spaces. Do not come to campus if you are unwell.


For more important information and all of your questions about UMSU’s on-campus events answered, visit our FAQs page here.