We’re back with another one of our weekly workshops! This one will be a preview into the rest of our workshops, as we start working on our writing skills, and discussing each other’s works, in a super friendly and super welcoming low-stakes environment.

If you want some constructive feedback for your writing, and you want to learn some new writing tricks before assignments start piling up, then come to our week 2 workshop! This is the perfect chance to make friends and discuss each other’s writing as passionately as you discuss food. Oh! Did somebody say food? We will be providing more FREE PIZZA and more FREE POPCORN to fuel your creative fire.

We’ll also be doing membership sign-ups for the low low fee of $5, which will give you access to an entire year of our awesome events! And we’ll have copies of our Inkspot zine there too, including our latest edition, “New Beginnings”!

So come on down to Graham Cornish A on the second floor of Union House for creative writing, free food and new friends!

Union House, Tin Alley, University of Melbourne, Parkville VIC 3010