Creative Writing Zoom Workshop

Join writer Cynthia Troup in a Creative Writing workshop. Cynthia will provide participants with a series of activities, techniques and tips for harnessing imagination and increasing stamina when writing creatively. Learn how to remain engaged in the writing process when ideas or energy start to flag. The workshop is applicable to all forms of creative writing and accommodates all skill levels.

Based in regional Victoria, Cynthia Troup is a writer and editor whose creative work often emphasises the musicality of language, and the allusive richness of fragments. Her texts have been performed in concert and theatre settings; her publications range from scripts and podcasts to interviews in the fields of contemporary art and music. Cynthia has taught emerging artists at the VCA Centre for Ideas, and students of creative writing at RMIT University, the University of Melbourne, and Deakin University. Recent publications include ‘Harsh and intricate and right in front of you’, an essay for ADSR Zine 007 which revisits a work by John Wolseley during the 2020 Black Summer.

1 session available on May 19.

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