Hello all,

We are gonna hold our Welcome Party (mandarin speaking) on 2nd of March at Multicultural Hub Drill Hall. You will experience the most fabulous party you have ever had!!

These are what you will have on this party:

  1. Good looking Microphone Controller
  2. Delicious Asian cuisine
  3. Exciting party games
  4. Big Big Big Prizes
  5. and so on….

Make sure you clicked our link and join us!! Hope to see you soon : )


我们墨大中国学生会将在三月二日于Multicultural Hub Drill Hall举办每学期一次的迎新会。你们将会体验到前所未有的派对狂欢!


  1. 帅气美丽的主持人
  2. 美味的中国菜肴
  3. 刺激的派对游戏
  4. 超超超级大奖品
  5. 以及其它很多很多…..


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微博号 (Weibo): @墨大中国学生会