Hello all CSSA members,

If you are NEW to Melbourne Uni or you just join CSSA and want to try something fresh, let me ask you few questions!~ Are you waiting for an exciting city tour in Melbourne? Are you ready to meet some new friends in your uni life? Are you coming to our First and FREE event in the 1st semester of 2017?

Yes!!!! Don’t hesitate to follow our official WeChat or Weibo to join the “Speed and City”  🙂


刚来墨尔本 不知道此时何去何从你的 是否想要一场刺激的Melbourne之旅?是否想要认识更多的朋友以后一起泡图书馆搓麻将下馆子洗温泉刷帅哥美女?如果你的答案是“我想要” 那就赶快来加入我们墨大中国学生会2017学年第一学期的第一场活动“极速墨尔本” 吧~报名链接请狂戳我们的微信或微博哦!

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