The PoC Department’s first Anti-Racism Workshop for Semester 2 will be Sneha Challa’s ‘Dismantling Racism From Within: Internalized Racism’

Sneha’s workshop will focus on unpacking race as construct, examining it’s nuance in the everyday experiences of internalised racism that many people of colour face and drawing on wider case studies to examine larger and more structural issues at play.
It will be centred around some discussion, allowing attendees to understand their own and other’s experiences of minimising their ethnic identities to assimilate and accommodate within larger society.

Sneha is a BA student currently intending on doing a double major in Sociology and Criminology. She hopes to remind all People of Colour (but especially Women of Colour) that they are not just allowed but should be demanding to take up space and have their (in many cases) forgotten voices heard.

*This event will be catered and is non-autonomous. White allies are encouraged to attend.