Entrepreneurship and Growth Investment Society (EGIS) presents: Valyou X Music’s Startup Journey

Join us on an interactive workshop with the founders of Valyou X Music 🎵 to hear their startup story, while learning how to become a startup founder and investor.


🔻Valyou X Music is the world’s first blockchain powered music artist trading platform. In simple words, it allows you to earn money while listening to music, and you can invest in a music artist just like stock market trading.

🔻They have recently won the Create Alibaba Cloud Startup Contest Award, City of Melbourne’s People’s Choice Award, and Startup Victoria’s People’s Choice Award 🏆.

🔻 Our Guest Speakers
1) Bobby Oparaocha – Founder & CEO at Valyou X Music
Bobby is a performing music artist with over 150,000 followers on social media with over 10 years of experience in the music business & struggle.

2) Michael Husky Nguyen – Co-founder at Valyou X Music
Background in finance & marketing. Ongoing familiar face at the tech-startup space.


❓Do you want to know how they came up with this innovative idea? How did they meet each other to form a startup? The difficulties they have experienced and lessons learnt?

❓Do you want to get a quick understanding of the key elements you should consider to build a blockchain startup like Valyou X Music? And think from the investors point of view to value this startup?

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Free food and drink, $10 Dr.Q. Escape Room giveaway for all attendees!


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