Welcome to our first ever Metroneering – a fresh take on the way we perform workshops in Metropolitan Melbourne. In teams, you will perform our workshops at schools across Melbourne on either Tuesday or Wednesday (or both!). Afterwards there will be a social event to celebrate and discuss our achievements. We understand that prior commitments (including university) might conflict with these times but do ask that you try to commit to at least one full day.
The details for registration can be found in our 2021 School Outreach group, which you can only join after completing training. For that reason, make sure you complete the online training modules (both General and School Outreach), as well as attend an in-person training session.
Online Training: https://sites.google.com/ewb…/ewb-melbuni-club/training
In-Person (23rd March 12pm): https://fb.me/e/6TOG7dAqB
In-Person (23rd March 1:30pm): https://fb.me/e/8lVHsB35z
In-Person (25th March 1pm): https://fb.me/e/25JNerJp9
As a final note, if you are interested in attending our renowned Regioneering program make sure you get involved with Metroneering! Attendance at Regioneering is highly competitive and we will look favourably on those with experience.
As per the Covid safety requirements from the University we ask that you all:
1) Wear face masks and maintain social distancing according to the DHHS guidelines.
2) Consider downloading the Covid Safe Tracker App.
3) Do not attend this event if you are feeling unwell. There will be plenty of other opportunities for you to meet the club and get involved!

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