Hey Film Soc! Maybe we’re losing the plot a little stuck in lockdown, but we want to see what movie scenes, iconic or obscure, you can recreate using any objects you can find at home! It’s a quarantine challenge and a competition too! 🏠💡🍞📎📦🍑🚽🎈🖊️👩

If you send us your recreations by 11:59 pm August 15, we’ll share them for the world to see and put you in the random draw to win a gift card of your choice! There’ll also be prizes for the most popular pastiches, with details on how to vote for those later. Until then, happy sweding!


  • Use any household objects you can find (food, stationary, yourself!), but get creative and have fun with it! The weirder and more unusual the better! While using drawing figurines to recreate the Titanic helm scene is good, what about a banana and a hammer? 🔨🍌🚢
  • Recreations can either be an image or a clip
  • You can send your homemade homages to us at unimelbfilmsoc@gmail.com or via messenger
  • Let us know which movie and scene you’re recreating for reference, just in case we haven’t seen it or you’re going especially abstract
  • Multiple submissions are allowed, but you only get one shot in the random draw
  • If you have any questions, feel free to ask!
Make sure to check out our Facebook page to stay updated on how to vote for your favourites and our future events! Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/UnimelbFilmSociety