Another offer you can’t refuse…

This week we’re collaborating with the Vegan Club who’ll be helping us provide you with an ethically sourced lunch and a movie befitting the occasion.

The Vegan Club welcomes everyone including vegans, vegetarians and people who are curious about an ethical, sustainable lifestyle! They also host many social events like picnics, BBQs, talks, taste tests, workshops and outings – in addition to providing discounts to Brew Sisters, Mantra Lounge and The Cruelty Free Shop! Check out the Facebook group for more (!

The Film society provides free, weekly movies and pizza for members (non-members welcome to sign up for $5 a year – CHEAP!) as well as a space for all to share their mutual love of cinema. Please check out our Facebook page ( to see which film we’re screening each Friday, any last minute changes, or other exciting events and announcements!