Free Virtual Vinyasa & Yin Yoga

The lovely folks at The Yoga Place studio are collaborating with UMSU Welfare to bring their amazing classes free to you for Stress Less Week! This class is a wonderful balance of the yin and yang (eg. vinyasa) practice of Yoga. In Vinyasa, every mindful breath is synchronised to a movement in a controlled steady flow, designed to create internal heat and improving one’s overall fitness. This is followed by Yin Yoga practice with long held floor poses that stretches the fascia throughout the body and nourishing the joints.

All welcome, no prior experience required. Namaste!

(1) Hop onto The Yoga Place’s website:

(2) Click on the link to get the free pass. They have created a pass called: Melb Uni Student Free Pass | 6pm 2/6 & 9.30am 3/6.

(3) Instructions to book the classes and class descriptions are on the webpage. You will need to register your details on the Mindbody app/account.

(4) You’re all registered! Join the class via the Mindbody app/account and get your zen on.

Find out more about The Yoga Place on their website:

About instructor Heini:

Originally a dancer and dance teacher, Heini was introduced to yoga 15 years ago through her dance studies, and it slowly became a vital part of her exercise and self-care regimen. She fell in love with yoga’s ability to be tough and challenging but simultaneously soft and relaxing. She became a certified yoga teacher in early 2011 and has taught yoga since then. In 2012 Heini did her first short teacher training in Yin yoga and functional anatomy which revolutionised her practice and how she taught yoga, dance or any movement. Understanding the individual and their unique build became a core value of her teachings.

Heini is a devoted student-teacher continuously studying something to better herself as a teacher. She is passionate about the science of yoga, and is currently undertaking doctoral studies on the psycho-physiology of breathing at The University of Edinburgh.

Heini teaches several different styles of yoga, ranging from calm Yin to more dynamic styles. For her, yoga is about finding the balance, in the body, in the mind, and in life in general. Yoga is a tool to find balance between strength and flexibility, balance between stress and calm, balance between the Yins and Yangs of life. She is trained in anatomy and physiology of movement and breathing, and is focused on the therapeutic aspects of the practice. She sees yoga as a continually evolving practice that should be tailored to an individual’s needs, even in group classes.